Monday, September 13, 2010

EOD Report
Nifty blasted its way up, up and up and time 3.30 pm only has stopped its further move. We could not trade today as our levels for trading were not reached. So no trade was done today.

Levels given today

Buy Above/SL 5662/18885 Target 5679/18953
SAR/Sell Below 5650/18841Target 5629---5620/18757-18724
Sell Below/SL 5618/18714 Target 5600/18645
SAR/Buy Above
5630/18758 Target 5650--5658/18842---18875

Buy Above/SL 11582 Target 11691
SAR/Sell Below 11514 Target 11379---11320
Sell Below/SL 11311 Target 11201
SAR/Buy Above 11380 Target 11514---11575

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