Sunday, September 12, 2010

EOD Report for 9-9-10

Indices have closed the day as well as the week in a nice positive close and as we have mentioned on the weekly report on Monday, 6-9-10, exactly achieved our target for the week at 5644 also.

Levels given for the day


Buy Above/SL 5640/18767 Target 5665/18847
SAR/Sell Below 5623/18716Target 5592---5579/18617-18575
Sell Below/SL 5576/18567 Target 5550/18486
SAR/Buy Above
5593/18618 Target 5623--5635/18716---18756


Buy Above/SL 11277 Target 113 46
SAR/Sell Below 11233 Target 11146---11112
Sell Below/SL 11103 Target 11033
SAR/Buy Above 11148 Target 11233---11270

Trade diary for the day

09.15 am BSE triggered its buy; Bought nifty at 5633;
10.38 am Nifty sell triggered; Sold 2 Nifty lots at 5623
Minus 10 Points[1lot]
10.47 am BSE trig. its sell and nifty is at 5617; we will wait for pullback as the first trade is in loss and we have already sold one nifty. so, no urgency.
11.31 am Sold one more Nifty at 5623 [2 lots short at 5623 holding]
11.46 am BSE buy trig. again and bought one nifty at 5624
Minus 1 point [1lot], holding one nifty long.
2.36 pm Nifty buy trig. ; Bought another nifty at 5640; No position now;
Minus 17 points [1lot];
we will wait atleast halfway near the SL for fresh entry, i.e. around 5630;
3.15 pm Fresh position not entered.

Net for the day ------- Minus 28 Points [3trades]
Net for September ----Gain of 283 Points [20trades]

9.08 am Bought 2 lots at 11277
9.23 am crossed our SL points level as well as 50 point level and still strong; keeping 11327 as stoploss now;
9.28 am Achieved our target; Sold 2 lots at 11346;
Plus 138 points [ 2lots]
Net for the day ------ Plus 138 Points [2 trades]
Net for September ----Plus 765 Points[18 trades]

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