Wednesday, September 15, 2010

EOD Report
Inspite of negative european markets, our markets closed above 5800, still strongly positive, weakness nowhere evident.
Levels given today:
Buy Above/SL 5839/19496 Target 5874/19616
SAR/Sell Below 5817/19419Target 5774---5756/19273---19209
Sell Below/SL 5752/19198 Target 5717/19078
SAR/Buy Above 5775/19274 Target 5817--5834/19421---19489

Buy Above/SL 12011Target 12078
SAR/Sell Below 11969 Target 11887---11850
Sell Below/SL 11846 Target 11778
SAR/Buy Above 11888 Target 11969---12000

Trade Diary for the day: [Refer trading rules]
Inspite of bullish undertones, the indices have runup very fast. So, they may correct, atleast in the shortest term. So, keeping in mind, the levels, we will try for shorting opportunities.

9.03 am Sold Nifty spot 5835 [1lot] --[SL of 5840]
Nifty exactly comes back from 5839 levels/sensex 19492 not triggering buy. so stoploss of just 5 points, we will take a chance.
9.11 am Buy trig. at 5839 again. Bought 2 lots at 5840; Minus 5 points[1lot];
9.15 am Sensex also trig. its buy; we will buy the other lot if it comes down; one lot long now;
9.48 am Bought one nifty at 5829[sensex just 15 points near stoploss]; 2 lots long now;
10.10 am Nifty in buy zone but sensex not crossing the buy zone; so we will trade the second lot for some gains;
10.37 am Sold one nifty at 5860;
Gain of 31 points; [one lot still holding]
11.31 am Keep stoploss of 5860 for the other lot[nifty touches 5869 just 5 points from our target]
11.41 am Stoploss trig. at 5860; Sold another lot 5860;
Gain of 20 Points [1lot]-- now we have no position
Net for the day --------- Gain of 46 Points[3 trades]
Net for September -----Gain of 294 Points [26 trades]
9.11 am Banknifty sold at 12000 [1lot];
9.15 am Banknifty buy trig. at 12011; bought 2 lots;
[Minus 11 points, one lot];one lot long now
9.43 am Bank nifty bought one lot at 11978;[2 lots long now];
10.36 am Banknifty sold at 12020 [stoploss points 42 booked for one lot]; one lot long holding;
Gain of 42 Points [1lot]
11.41 am Banknifty bought at 11080 spot
11.47 am Banknifty sold at 11069 spot [2lots]
Minus 53 Points [2lots]
11.59 am sofar, we missed to go short, as till now, Banknifty is not retraced yet;
1.03 pm Sold Banknifty 1 lot at 11970 [we will wait for further upmove to short another lot];
3.25 pm Bought Banknifty at 11988[timefactor]
Minus 18 Points
Net for the day -----Minus 40 Points [5 trades]
Net for September --Gain of 889 Points [26 trades]

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