Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EOD Report
Indices marched further today and sensex closed above 19000 for the second day but Nifty inspite of going above 5800, closed below 5800 but that is just a psychological level to worry.

Levels given today:
Buy Above/SL 5833/5822 Target 5894/5870
SAR/Sell Below 5796/5792 Target 5723---5690/5734---5710
Sell Below/SL 5687/5705 Target 5625/5656
SAR/Buy Above 5724/5735 Target 5796--5825/5792---5815
Buy Above/SL 12102Target 12302
SAR/Sell Below 11986 Target 11758---11655
Sell Below/SL 11644 Target 11443
SAR/Buy Above 11759 Target 11987---12090

Trade Diary for the day

09.25 am Sold Nifty at 5796 spot[one lot]
[we will wait to sell the other lot atleast halfway above the stoploss range i.e 5816 above,
because the range is around 40 points. so, no urgency for the second lot OR if it goes near that
point and cuts again 5796 spot]
9.52 am Bought Nifty at 5820 spot based on our NF level [we will wait for fresh entry, as the first trade is in negative]
Minus 24 Points [no position now]
10.16 am Sold one nifty at 5796[ sell trig. from the top]
10.30 am NF level 5792 sell trig.[spot 5786]. we will wait for any upmove as we have already one lot short]
12.53 pm bought one nifty at 5810[when nifty future crossed 5822]
Minus 14 points
01.30 pm Sold one nifty at 5796
03.35 pm Bought one nifty at 5793
Gain of 3 Points
Net for the day -------------------- Minus 35 Points[3 trades]
Net for September-----------------Gain of 248 Points[23 trades]
09.34 am Sold Banknifty at 11986 [1lot]
we will wait for another lot entry.
10.11 am Sold Banknifty at 11986 [trig. once again from the top]----2 lots short now
10.21 am Bought Banknifty one lot at 11936[50 points level] --- we will sell again if it retraces.---one lot long holding.
Gain of 50 Points [1lot]
12.32 pm sold one lot banknifty at 11966 [2 lots long now]
3.01 pm bought one banknifty at 11916 [50 points profit booked]------one lot still holding
Gain of 50 Points [1lot]
3.25 pm Bought one Banknifty at 11922
Gain of 64 Points
Net for the day --------------- Gain of 164 Points [3 trades]
Net forSeptember ------------ Gain of 929 Points[21 trades]

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