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  • We are aware that  'Market' is our 'God' and hence 'Supreme'.
  • We Love and Respect the Market  but not Fear.
  • We are neither Bulls nor Bears.
  • We are here to earn in a Systematic, Professional, Disciplined and Committed way and hence build Wealth.

We all make mistakes and misjudgments in our Life and smart people learn from their mistakes, correct them and progress.  Many of us use our time and mind to analyse and correct  but still, sometimes, we are so affected that inspite of our best efforts, the results are not coming.   If this is the case with people who want to learn and correct from mistakes, what to say about people who never learn?  Don't  bother about them and leave them.  When under confusion, we seek guidance from people, whom, we find honest, knowledgeable, principled to show peace and happiness. Except our EGO, nothing prevents us from seeking their advice.

This applies to all fields in Life and more so in Finance and Stockmarket, which has its own risk and rewards and where Money is the primemover along with time and intelligence.  There are many Financial Experts around and as our Family Doctor, we choose and follow someone based on our set of criteria and ofcourse, we have the liberty to choose anybody.

We believe, our results speak for ourselves and so, if you are interested,


K. Badri Narayanan

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