Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EOD Report

Levels given today
Buy Above/SL 5638/18822 Target 5686/19036
SAR/Sell Below 5607/18690Target 5546---5520/18429-18310
Sell Below/SL 5516/18298 Target 5467/18084
SAR/Buy Above
5547/18430 Target 5607--5632/18690---18805

Buy Above/SL 11344 Target 11446
SAR/Sell Below 11280 Target 11156---11100
Sell Below/SL 11093 Target 10991
SAR/Buy Above 11158 Target 11281---11330

Trade Diary for the day [Refer Trading Rules]

After a long wait, we got the opportunity with our levels only around 2.30 pm
2.31 pm Sold one Nifty at 5607 [sensex not yet trig. its level]
2.53 pm Sold one more Nifty at 5615[when sensex trig. its sell point at 18690]
3.23 pm Bought one Nifty at 5595
Gain of 20 Points
3.28 pm Bought one Nifty at 5595
Gain of 12 Points
Net for the day ----- Gain of 32 Points[2 lots]
Net for September ----Gain of 149 Points[10 lots]
No trade could be done in Bank nifty.

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