Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EOD Report
Numerically interesting day 8/9/10 proved to be lucky one also. After 2 days of minimum or no trades, today indices have given nice opportunity for our trading levels with good gain from both the indices. Indices have again almost closed flat, a sign of consolidation at higher levels or are they tired? As traders, we are not worried, as our levels will help us to minimise the loss and maximise the profits.

Levels given today
Buy Above/SL 5634/18722 Target 5657/18784
SAR/Sell Below 5618/18683Target 5589---5577/18606-18575
Sell Below/SL 5574/18568 Target 5550/18505
SAR/Buy Above
5590/18608 Target 5618--5630/18683---18715

Buy Above/SL 11243 Target 11283
SAR/Sell Below 11217 Target 11168---11150
Sell Below/SL 11143 Target 11102
SAR/Buy Above 11169 Target 11217---11235

Trade diary for the day[Refer Trading Rules]

9.10 am Sold Nifty at spot 5581[Bse triggered its 18568]
10.55 am Bought Nifty at spot 5590[Bse triggered its buy point at 18608]
Minus 9 Points [1lot]
Buy triggered
11.01 am Bought One Nifty at 5590 spot
11.06 am Bought one nifty at 5589 spot[sensex at 18608]
12.02 pm Sold one nifty at 5611 [sensex achieved its min. target 18683]
Gain of 21 points[ holding one nifty long for nifty target]
12.43 pm Hold with stoploss point of 16, that is 5606 as stoploss for the other lot
12.49 pm Sold one lot Nifty [target achieved] at 5618
Gain of 28 points.
1.03 pm Sold Nifty at 5618 spot
1.11 pm Sold another Nifty at 5611 [Sensex trig. sell at 18683]
1.38 pm Bought two Nifty at 5589
Gain of 51 Points [2 lots]
1.54 pm Sensex trig. its buy at 18608 but nifty not trig. its 5590. Wait for Nse confirmation. No urgency.
1.59 pm Bought one Nifty at 5590
2.00 pm Bse trig. its buy.
2.05 pm Bought another Nifty at 5588
3.04 pm Sold one nifty at 5610 [20 points trade][holding one lot]
Gain of 20 Points
3.25 pm Sold one nifty at 5607
Gain of 19 points[1lot]
Net for the day -----------Gain of 162 Points [7lots]
Net for September -------Gain of 311 Points[17 lots]
9.48 am Bought Banknifty 2 lots at 11169 spot
11.26 am Target not yet reached. keep Sl of 11199 for one lot[Stoploss points]
11.31 am One lot sold at 11199
Gain of 30 points
We will buy again lower.[ one lot still long]
11.57 am achieved our target but moving fast. keep stoploss at the target 11117.
11.58 am Sold at 11135
Gain of 66 points.
Now waiting for the next entry.
12.16 pm Banknifty sell triggered. but we will wait for a bounce since nifty has not achieved its target.
12.49 pm. Bank nifty buy triggered. We have not entered in to previous sell entry as nifty has to
bounce back and achieve the target. Saved.
12.52 pm Waiting for pullback in Banknifty
1.03 pm wait to buy banknifty CMP 11233[as nifty has trig. its sell]
1.11 pm sensex trig. its sell, bank nifty also trig. its sell. we will sell one banknifty at 11217 on any pull back.
1.28 pm Sold two bank nifty at 11218
1.38 pm Bought one banknifty at 11168 [target achieved]
1.45 pm Bought one banknifty at 11150
Gain of 118 Points [2lots]
1.50 Bank nifty sell triggered at 11143. But again we will wait for pull back.
1.56 pm Sold one Banknifty at 11160
2.00 pm SL trig. at 11169.
Minus 9 points [1lot]
Bought one Banknifty at 11169
2.08 pm Bought another Banknifty at 11159
2.38 pm Sold one Banknifty at 11189 [plus 30 points], holding one lot .
Gain of 30 Points[1lot]
3.25 pm Sold one Banknifty at 11191
Gain of 22 points[1lot]
Net for the day ----------------Gain of 257 Points [7 lots]
Net for September ------------ Gain of 627 Points [16 lots]

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