Monday, September 20, 2010

EOD Report

Nifty, Sensex and Banknifty went higher and higher and now are very close to 6000 and 20000 again. Hopefully, those summits will be scaled tomorrow but they have to consolidate at these higher levels to move past their all time highs.

Levels given today: [Refer trading rules]
Buy Above/SL 5924/19707 Target 5955/19798
SAR/Sell Below 5904/19650 Target 5865---5850/19539---19495
Sell Below/SL 5846/19483 Target 5814/19390
SAR/Buy Above 5866/19540 Target 5904--5919/19650---19700

Buy Above/SL 12181 Target 12243
SAR/Sell Below 12142 Target 12066---12032
Sell Below/SL 12027 Target 11964
SAR/Buy Above 12067 Target 12142---12175

Trade Diary for the day:

09.07 am Nifty sold at 5904[1lot; BSE not yet trig. its sell;]
09.09 am BSE sell trig. at 19650[we will wait for an upmove];
09.25 am Nifty sold at 5905;[2 lots short now];
10.02 am BSE trig. its buy; Nifty bought at 5918[1lot];one lot still holding short;
Minus 13 points[1 lot];
10.08 am: Nifty buy trig. at 5924; Bought Nifty at 5924;
Minus 20 Points [1lot]---No position now; we will wait for retracement for fresh entry;
10.17 am Bought Nifty at 5424[1lot];
12.40 pm Sold Nifty at 5442 [Sensex at 19796];
Plus 18 Points [1lot];--- No position now.

Net for the day--------------Minus 15 Points [3 trades]
Net for September ----------- Gain of 456 Points [38 trades]
09.03 am Banknifty sold at 12142 [2lots]
09.15 am Bought BN at 12085 [1lot];[above 50 points level]
Gain of 57 Points [1lot];one lot still holding;
09.17 am keep 12086 stoploss;keep 12075 stoploss;
09.22 am Bought BN at 12075 [1lot]
Gain of 67 Points[1lot]; No position now;
09.36 am Sold BN at 12120[1lot];[since target downside not yet reached;
09.53 am Keep 12098 as stoploss;
10.01 am Bought BN at 12098;
Gain of 22 Points[1lot];No position now;
01.35 pm Sold Banknifty at 12125[1lot];
02.21 pm Keep 12138 as stoploss;
02.28 pm SL at 12138 triggered; Bought BN at 12138;
Minus 13 Points[1lot]; No position now;
02. 51 pm BN buy triggered at 12181;But we could not get the buy point and BN was very fast to move above 12200;
if time permits, we will buy lower; otherwise no trade advised for the day;

Banknifty achieved the buy target and went past it higher and higher. We were waiting for our level to buy and so missed. sometimes a little bit extra risk pays. no problem. we will have our day. no regrets.

Net for the day -------------- Gain of 133 Points [4 trades]
Net for September -----------Gain of 1315 Points[ 40 trades]

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