Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EOD Report for 01-09-2010
Bulls are saved for the time being, as Nifty has reversed some of previous days' losses to close strongly above 5dema/20dema/50dema. During the last week correction, 50dema as expected gave the support and nifty, without closing below it, reversed today. Trend is positive as of now.
Levels given today
Buy Above/SL 5439/18100 Target 5467/18169
SAR/Sell Below 5420/18023Target 5384---5368/17917-17870
Sell Below/SL 5366/17862 Target 5337/17773
SAR/Buy Above
5385/17918 Target 5420--5436/18024---18060
Buy Above/SL 10812 Target 10864
SAR/Sell Below 10777 Target 10713---10685
Sell Below/SL 10680 Target 10628
SAR/Buy Above 10715 Target 10778---10802

Trade Diary for the day [Refer Trading rules]
9.23 am Bought 2 lots BN at 10812[target min. 10864]
10.27 am Sold 1BN at 10847[we have a SL of 35 points which we earn in this lot and
keep the other for target or more]
Gain of 35 Points
1.20 pm Bought another lot at 10790[as banknifty came near the stoploss and
bounced, keeping both stoploss at 10777]
1.38 pm Sold one lot at 10855 [near the previous high and we have already 50
points profit, keeping one lot long still.]
Gain of 65 Points
2.13 pm Sold another lot at our target 10864
Gain of 52 Points
Net for the day -------------Plus152 Points [3lots]
Net for September ---------Plus 152 Points[total 3lots]
9.15 am Bought Nifty at 5429[when bse triggered its buy level at 18080]
9.36 am Bought Nifty at 5439
1.25 pm Sold one Nifty at 5420[since nifty has already triggered our sell point at
5420, but bse point was not triggered]
Minus 9 Points
1.50 pm Bought one Nifty at 5439, 2lots now holding long.
2.41 pm Sold one Nifty at 5459 [20 points profit and bse target also reached ],
holding another long
3.01 pm Sold another at the target 5467
Gain of 28 Points
Net for the day ------ Plus 39 Points[3lots]
Net for September--- Plus 39 Points[total 3lots]

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