Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Results for 11-08-2010
Nifty has definitely closed weaker with one last short term Bull hope of 20dema at 5413. Today Nifty touched that and closed at 5420. But still two days to go in this week and Nifty should get support around 5360-5370. Otherwise, it will head towards 5290 which is a retracement point as given in the chart.

Another very good profitable day for our trading levels.

9.19. am-------Sold 2 lots at 5473 spot
11.44 am-------Bought 1 lot at 5448spot [1st Target achieved]
Gain of 25 points
12.02 pm -----Holding another lot as Sensex has triggered our sell point at 18152 spot
12.55 pm ------ Sold 1 lot Nifty at 5435 spot [total 2 lots holding short]
1.03 pm ------ Bought 1 lot Nifty at 5438 spot --- Target Achieved[ 1lot holding short]
Gain of 35 Points
3.28 pm ------Bought 1 lot Nifty at 5414 ---Target achieved
Gain of 21 Points
Net for the day ------Gain of 81 points.
Net for the August Month [8 days] -- Gain of 313 points [2 lots]
Banknifty bought at 10492 spot --- 9.56am
Sold Banknifty at 10525 spot --- 11.35am
[closed our position as Nifty has to comedown and also intraday sell signal for banknifty at 10525 with SL 10530. We missed our target 10548--73 by just 2.5 points] [Also we would have entered short again at 10550 and covered at 10492 again. Hardluck. We missed around 80 points extra]
Gain of 33 points.
2.45 pm Banknifty Sold at 10460
3.25 pm Banknifty Bought at 10414 ---Target achieved
Gain of 46 points
Net for the day --------Gain of 79 Points
Net for August month[5 days] ------270 Points [1lot]

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