Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For 27-7-2010

1. Both Nifty and Sensex Levels are given as Sensex is a more reliable indicator[If an inapproriate nifty level has been punched the previous day, follow sensex levels for taking positions].

2. The levels are to be applied for 2 normal lots of Nifty [One Lakh margin with broker assumed].

3. Enter with One Nifty lot first and if sensex points also get confirmed, enter the second lot.

4. Book One lot at the minimum target and carry the other with the indicated SAR/SL Level.

5. Whenever necessary, positions can be carriedout for the next day and it will be indicated at the appropriate time.

Nifty Spot Close 5418.6

Buy Above/SL 5450
Target 5475-5480
SAR/Sell Below 5431
Target 5401-5396

Sell Below/SL 5387
Target 5361
SAR/Buy Above 5403
Target 5435-5440